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The solution to your direct mail needs. We print and mail them First Class - No More Hassles! According to customer relationship management experts, companies can increase revenue by 50% if they retain only 5% more of their customers.


Develop Loyalty with your Customers and Clients by Letting Them Know You're Thinking of Them.

Sending High Quality Cards & Postcards is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

With over 13,000 images to choose from you are sure to find one that meets your needs. We even provide list management and automated mailings. Contact us today for details.

Business Owners!

Do you depend on repeat business and referrals to expand your bottom line? 

Imagine a system to build your customer base and referrals; one that would enable you to never worry about where your next customer or client will come from

Business Customer Appreciation:

For years, our company has been talking about ways to keep in touch with our customers. We've thought of sending "Thank You" cards.... but no one had the time to follow through.

We found Send Out Cards and have easily uploaded our customer list to the contact manager. Now, when a customer places an order, we send a Thank You card.  It takes a few seconds. Customers have been calling us, thanking us for our thoughtfulness ... Karen StavertArkansas  

65% Growth in Sales:

Clients and customers respond positively to receiving personalized cards.  It makes them feel that they are not simply a number and they want to come back again and again.  Many marketing and sales people have given testimonials that sending thank you cards to clients and customers have resulted in a 65% growth in sales.

Top 1%:

Most of the top 1% of business owners who depend on repeat customers and referrals for growth have used this dynamic technique of building a strong bottom line for a very long time.  The act of sending a thoughtful greeting card on an ongoing basis has been proven to create loyalty and repeat business and keeps your name at the top of their minds creating referrals easily.

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Here is what some top marketers on the subject of sending hand written notes to clients and customers have to say...

Tom Hopkins, a top sales trainer, set a goal to send 10 thank you cards per day.  He states that by the end of his third year in sales his business was 100% from referrals. 

Bob Burg, author of The Endless Referral says, “thank you notes are one of the most powerful tools in building a huge network…”

Dan Kennedy of Seven Figure Selling fame states, “One focus of your Successful Marketing Strategies should be the development of a clear, interlocking structure of goals and values to govern your marketing efforts. Another aspect should be greater emphasis on building and preserving the value of the customer. In this electronic communication age the handwritten note with a postage stamp gets more immediate attention than ever. ”

Joe Girard became the #1 car salesperson in the world for 12 years in a row by sending 16,000 handwritten greeting cards each month.  Nearly every one of his closed sales came from a referral.

Peter Sun states in his book 78 Free and Low Cost Ways to Add at least $17,000 or 27% to Your Small Business Profits in the Next 90 Days says “Direct Mail Returns Big Profits at Low Costs…. Dollar for dollar, nothing sells products as effectively as direct mail.  Start collecting your customers’ names, addresses and telephone numbers today!”

Make it Personal: Make Them Fall in Love with You:

Building repeat business and referrals is about building relationships.  Send personal notes through the mail, show you care about them.
E-cards are not the same. E-cards don't measure up. Why?

  • E-cards include temporary links that expire (and so does the sentiment)
  • E-cards are generic/not personalized
  • E-cards get lost in your inbox
  • E-cards are a lot like email forwards - the same old ones get passed around to everyone!

Think of how impressed your clients will be when they receive a mailed greeting card or postcard that features your professional photo, logo, hand-writing and contact information.

Time Saving:

With your own card shop on-line you choose from over 3,000 cards, or customize your own, type in your message, click send, then we stuff it, address it, put a first class stamp on it, and send it through the postal mail.

Cost Effective:

$.98 Greeting Card*
$.49 Post Card*

$.62 Greeting Card*
$.31 Post Card*

*Plus $.41 cent postage stamp.

To sign up for an account costs you nothing!  Why not do it today?

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